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Hospitality Work Product

Case Study

Congress Hotel


(Hospitality Case Study) Chicago, IL

The Alliance Capital Global Locations: UNITED STATES

Building Square Footage

257,500 SF

Transaction Timing

7 Months


Trust Disposition


Congress Hotel
The Alliance companies provide comprehensive, service-based solutions, across North and South America and through affiliates in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as addressed herein.  Our representatives will service your needs, in each of these marketplaces, through the core hospitality brokerage team’s players and transaction groups across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Alliance team has completed several of the largest asset dispositions within the Hospitality Arena, across North and South America. These platforms include a number of market-related, rapidly-trending services within the following:

  • Equity and debt structuring
  • Asset and project management
  • Consultation and evaluation of developments and projects

These services are part-and-parcel to our total product offerings, which include the following sub-sets:

  • Asset management
  • Capital markets and investment properties
  • Consulting and operational advisory
  • Gaming and casino development assets
  • Intercity major hotel asset groups
  • Bar and restaurant placements

The Alliance Hospitality teaming groups stand poised to serve and await these opportunities.

While many other organizations may claim to be able to handle all types of transactions, we actually have experts who can take your ball and run with it in the areas listed. Alliance is not simply a “Jack of all trades