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After decades working in commercial real estate space, the principals at Alliance possess the experience and know-how needed to conduct the most complex transactions. Having transacted some of the largest trades in many markets. we take on any challenge with enthusiasm and expertise and vigor.

As our firm expands National and International offices in key primary, secondary and select tertiary markets across North America, Alliance expands its domestic and international reach, while retaining the perspective to management of your local investments.

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Case Studies

While Alliance has been involved in many of the largest transactions worldwide and in various markets, you don’t have to be a record-breaker to get our attention. We provide services to the best and the brightest, and we would like to help you reach your commercial real estate goals.

Ben Franklin Distribution Center

Location : Seymour, IN (USA)

One of the strengths of the Alliance is that we have a huge network of property owners, Fortune 500 corporations and financing entities (e.g. Family Offices, Institutional Investors and Funds).

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E-Toys Distribution Center (Acquisition)

Location : Danville, VA (USA)

The assignment entailed obtaining financing for a dot-com business that was losing $30 million per quarter and completing a distribution center on rocky terrain

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Services / Testimonials

Account Services

Alliance has completed transactional management work assignments for clientele nationally and worldwide, with AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, General Motors, Dell Computers and myriad other Public Corporate, Institutional, Private and Public Fund Sponsor, REIT, SWF, and Governmental organizations.

Alliance Capital has handled a great deal of our acquisition, disposition and capital markets work in their region for several years. We are extremely pleased with their work and look forward to work with them in the future.

Celeste Prestinario, Director, AT&T / Lucent / Avaya

Meyercord was a 102 year old revenue stamp manufacturer with a poor credit record when we acquired it and Alliance’s ability to promote our long term business strategy and core product mix enabled Meyercord to complete a sales/leaseback even without a tangible net worth at the time.

Joseph Aquilante, CFO at Meyercord Corp

Retained Assignments

Alliance Company has been recognized for some of the asset trades for EUs, Capital Market, Sponsors and many of the largest off-balance sheet, structured-finance lease-back transactions, serving Fortune 1000, Private organizations and Institutions worldwide.

Alliance Members

From National Teaming and connections offering greater and deeper relationships to related decision makers, Alliance Company provides a reliable framework from which to operate, benefiting its members revenue result and allowing for generating additional closures at a greater scope and value.

Alliance Capital’s team was able to create a positive credit enhancement vehicle which solved questions we encountered in the marketplace and they were able to promote our company strategy as well as anyone in our organization.

Jim Hopwood, CFO at Wickes Lumber Corp

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Benefits of Joining Alliance

Why Every CRE Broker Should Consider Becoming an Alliance Member

18 March 2020

Many brokers have asked us for more information about the benefits of joining our Alliance International. With that being the case, we have decided to publish this blog post, to help answer that question. The reality is, there are plenty of great reasons for a CRE broker to join our commercial real estate platform. For

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