Alliance Companies - advanced asset sourcing, underwriting, divesting and monetizing focus driven practices for FO | FOA, Corporate and Institutional Clients for 30+ years. Expanding Nationally and Internationally With 181 Offices

Alliance is a national operating platform with the framework for servicing submarket, regional and national work-product requirements and offering advanced practices. As Alliance proceeds beyond 25 years since the formation of the TeamOne Practice Group, after departing KREG Koll and CBRE, the Alliance platform continues its national re-expansion throughout the US. Since transitioning, the restructured Alliance platform has launched its re-expansion and is posited for even larger growth throughout the North American marketplace.

Alliance Capital has a national operational reach and coverage. Member benefits include co-investment through ARG LLC, which is an identified sponsor Parent Company, National Purchasing Power and Large-Cap Competencies. Alliance seeks to meet the client needs in a transaction on multiple fronts, most of which are not compensated for. Alliance is aligning with CRE Professionals. To quote the recent book about Alliance Capital called “Negotiating Record Breaking Large Cap Trades” written by Dr Larry Keefauver, “we acknowledge that negotiating and closing Large-Cap trades requires experienced and knowledgeable team members collaborating with one another to cut through the rhetoric. We are the industry leader that supports your personal brand.

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