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Testimonials from Long term and newly formed work relation

Quotes From Institutional, Fortune 1000, Governmental and Private Clients Worldwide

Joseph Aquilante, CFO at Meyercord Corp.

Meyercord was a 102 year old revenue stamp manufacturer with a poor credit record when we acquired it and Alliance’s ability to promote our long term business strategy and core product mix enabled Meyercord to complete a sales/leaseback even without a tangible net worth at the time.

Malcolm Canlish, CEO at First Alert, Inc.

After First Alert had gone through several mergers to expand our business, Alliance Capital’s team assisted First Alert in creating value through sale/leaseback, allowing us to retire debt well ahead of schedule.

Jim Hopwood, CFO at Wickes Lumber Corp.

Alliance Capital’s team was able to create a positive credit enhancement vehicle which solved questions we encountered in the marketplace and they were able to promote our company strategy as well as anyone in our organization.

Celeste Prestinario, Director, AT&T / Lucent / Avaya

Alliance Capital has handled a great deal of our acquisition, disposition and capital markets work in their region for several years. We are extremely pleased with their work and look forward to work with them in the future.