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Airport Real Estate

ports and airports for international real estateAirport real estate is a unique type of real estate. It’s a type of real estate for everyone, but most people who own or invest in this type of real estate are frequent flyers, regular investors and business leaders. Airport real estate is different than the regular real estate and we can advise you in your investment, purchase or lease of runways or other airport properties. We have specialized processes for airport real estate regarding the marketing of them and investigating these types of properties for buyers and sellers.
Through our extensive and expert knowledge, we can help you make or get the best offer(s) in the market. Multiple factors are important in airport real estates such as location, (types of) functional space(s), fuel pricing and wait lists. To prevent costly mistakes getting advice is a crucial step in the process of leasing, buying, selling or investing in airport real estate.

Selling or Leasing

Airport real estate is competitive and has great prices, but finding the right tenant or buyer can take ages. We can help you get your property or properties on the market for the best prices. Some might want to lease on their own, but finding the right buyer or tenant can take time and comes with various risks. We assist to minimize those risks and help ensure the highest possible value for your property quickly and effectively.

Buying or Leasing

Some airport real estate has waiting lists and is competitive, which can make it hard to buy or lease the property you want. Some property prices have gone up through the roof. We assist in finding the right properties and negotiating the best prices to help minimize risks and to ensure quick results as the process of buying properties can take a long time.
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