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Alliance International provides the tools and resources to help you qualify for larger CRE transactions.

How We Help You

Reduce Time Needed to Make Proposals

Access our collection of pre-packaged proposal pitches. Each pitch is designed to showcase why your are the best broker for the deal. Our packaged proposal pitches are custom crafted to target the type of property you are interested in, whether it be office, industrial or other.

Increase Your Credibility

When you join Alliance International, our successes become your successes. We work with large brands, like ATT, HP, Microsoft and others. By extension, you will enhance your credibility by saying your organization works with these types of businesses.

Get Support From an Industry Leader

When you need additional recources to set yourself apart from your competition, we are available to assist. Alliance International has done some of the largest deals in the world and has an impressive collection of case studies, documents and processes for closing deals. We will provide you support to help you get listings and close deals.

Make More Money

When you cut down the time needed to make impressive pitches, and you have the qualifications to get bigger deals, you will be positioned to make more money. Not only this, but you will have more time to be in front of people, closing deals, and less time on time-consuming office work.

No Franchising Fees

Unlike many CRE platforms, we do not require that you pay a percentage on closed deals. We aren't a franchise. Alliance International only charges an annual licensing fee. As a result, you gain the benefits of joining us, while keeping 100% of your commissions.

What People Are Saying About Alliance International

Bret A. Broaddus serves as Managing Principal of Alliance with 25+ years of CRE Advisory and Principal underwriting oversight. He is the former President of CBRE Corporate Service and Koll Capital Markets. Mr. Broaddus' TeamOne is recognized for the largest-ever executions in 47 US marketplaces, including the largest know IND single-asset trade worldwide.

Bret A. Broaddus

Bret expanded TeamOne while at CBRE that initiated several specialty practice areas not previously identified by the firm; significantly advanced the scope and quality of the firm's traditional work product; and delivered the highest revenue and profits of all production units of the firm.

Ray Wirta, CEO, Chairman of the Board CBRE

Alliance's TeamOne performed at a superior level and initiated advanced asset trade efficiencies.

Celeste Prestinario, Senior Director, EVP Corporate Real Estate AT&T|Lucent|Avaya

Bret Broaddus, Alliance Lead is second to none when it comes to Large-Cap Industrial CRE transaction management and closing US trades.

Paul Samek, EVP, CFO Allsteel Corporation | BTR

As an owner, developer and re-developer of commercial real estate projects of significant size and complexity, I greatly appreciate Bret's talents and The Alliance unique practices in the marketplace. Bret has strong relationships with all his clients, which include many Fortune 500 companies. This enables an efficient transaction initiation to close process. We continue to see large scale asset acquisition opportunities from Alliance, and our high trust level in the firm causes us to take their offerings seriously.

Bill Krug, Managing Principal, K5 Trust

This book identifies the basic success factors essential in our business. The Alliance case studies contained are evidence of the Alliance drive for pure production.

Vern Schultz, SIOR, Executive Vice President Colliers International

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