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Please find below a summary of documents made available addressing points of interest including Alliance CPO Benefits; Member, Regional and National Lead-Sourcing and Track-Record for which we look to conference on shortly.

National CPO Process Flow Chart.pdf

Alliance CPO TOP 10 Questions.pdf

National & International Platform Benefits

Alliance National Platform Benefits

Alliance - AG Communications.pdf

ARG FO FOA Brochure.pdf

ARGP CoInvestment 1pager.pdf

Current and Historic Alliance Work Product wox.pdf

CPO Web Ad Augustyn.png

Equity Book 2018.pdf

Alliance Document Samples.pdf

Alliance Capital Markets Investment Services.pdf

Alliance License Platform Benefits.pdf

Alliance CPO 2 Steps and Procedures.pdf

ARG OU Brochure.pdf

ARGP Historical Brochure.pdf

Current and Historic Bulleted Brochure.pdf

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Alliance License Agreement ALA.pdf

Alliance CPO 1 Benefits and Book.pdf

Alliance National Platform Benefits.pdf

ARG Standard NDA.pdf

ARGP Tear Sheet.pdf

Negotiating Record Breaking Large CapTrades.pdf

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Emal Blast 2.png