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Competing with the “Big CRE-3”

Alliance was founded more than 25 years ago. Since then, Alliance has become a competitor of the “Big CRE-3” (CBRE, JLL and Cushman & Wakefield) and has helped many licensees to compete against these companies. For many, competing against these companies isn’t even an option, but ones that sought Alliance’s help and advisements – which goes above and beyond for everyone seeking advice – were able to play in the big leagues. Consequently, CPOs (Commercial Private Operators) gain the ability to compete on a level playing field nationally and internationally because of the Large Cap capabilities.

How Alliance Became a Competitor

After Alliance came off the ground, it quickly started expanding throughout the US and later on, started re-expanding again and again. Now, Alliance has over 155+ US North American offices. Alliance increased their trade flow every year by keeping and gaining extensive contacts. The members of the team, who have years of experience and knowledge, have helped negotiations, brbig 3 commercial real estate competitionokering and closing Large Cap trades.

The Big CRE-3

As many know, CBRE, JLL and Cushman & Wakefield are some of the biggest firms in the real estate services business with CBRE being the oldest and largest company. JLL is the largest traded commercial real estate brokerage company in the world, after CBRE. JLL was formed after the largest international merger –  the merger of Jones Lang Wootton and LaSalle Partners – in the real estate industry. Cushman & Wakefield is also one of the “Big CRE-3” and was founded in 1917. So, how does a CPO compete with these three firms?

Extensive Contacts

Alliance always goes above and beyond for every client en has an expert team and operating business CEOs. Everyone relies on each other and ensures the best possible team play to achieve the best results. When competing with big firms, it’s essential to have extensive contacts nationally and internationally. In some markets, the deal flow comes from local firms or managers and bankers who represent these big firms. This way CRE private operators can increase market penetration and have the ability and the contacts to identify Large Cap trade opportunities.

Benefits for CPOs

Alliance has extensive relationships and experience in working with very high, net worth with family offices and has lots of connections with these family offices. Alliance has the competencies to access Family Offices, Family Office Advisors and their representatives. At the same time, Alliance has closed record-breaking Large Cap trades in almost every US major service area. Constant communication is critical in engaging clients and building the experience and vast knowledge to compete with the Big CRE-3. Alliance team members are incredibly committed and work around the clock to advise, help and broker some of the record-breaking, Large Cap trades. One of the examples of Alliance’s negotiations was the largest single industrial asset trade in square feet: AG Communications divestiture. There are many other examples that Alliance advised on or brokered, that have been record-breaking and a first in history. All in all, Alliance can offer CPOs an opportunity to play in the big leagues with their knowledge, expertise and extensive contacts.  

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