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Cryptocurrency and the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured through the use of cryptography. This type of medium of exchange has made a significant impact on the way people invest and spend money. Many people have taken advantage of this new currency and invested money into it as they predicted the currency’s exchange rate would rise.

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5 Important Considerations for Maintaining A Brand Identity in Multi-Brand Properties

Multi-brand properties are essentially commercial properties that are collaboratively established by two or more well-known brands. They have become a prominent phenomena lately. Their prevalence is particularly visible in the higher-end luxury hospitality industry. The success of such properties and commercial ventures is predicated on being able to capitalize on the brand value and goodwill

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Class A, Class B, and Class C Properties Explained

Real estate assets are graded into three classes: Class A, Class B and Class C. They are aimed at aiding property investors in deciding what specific properties will fit into their overall investment strategy and goals. The letters are assigned to properties after considering a combination of factors including the following: Location of the property,

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