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Glendale Heights, Illinois
The Alliance Capital Global Locations: UNITED STATES

Building Square Footage

US FDA non-disclosed SF

Transaction Type

Redeveloped for first-ever Radiation Pasteurization Facility, 15 year tenancy and divestiture

Transaction Timing

186 Days, 272 Days

Redevelopment Overview:

Alliance worked with the US FDA, Department of Agriculture and Postal Inspectors General to create a first of its kind radiation pasteurization facility including capabilities such as mail radiation to clear mail of  the deadly Anthrax spores uncovered in the national scare that followed the events of September 11.  SunBeam Corporation, a spin-off from defense contractor Titan Corp, leased the facility for 15 years. Alliance worked to retrofit an existing food grade facility for SunBeam’s unique technology which was able to cleanse food and a multitude of mail-type products.


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