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AG Communications

An AT&T | GTE JV –


Northlake, IL

Project Type

Acquisition | Park redevelopment, leasing

Site Square Footage

2.863 Milion sf

Remaining Park sf

Champion Transportation BTS 3.426m sf spec DCs

Site Size - Acres


Transaction Timing

Various phases: 1-26 Months

Project Overview:

The original AT&T 2,863,404 sf (Largest ever know traded IND asset) was divested by AC TeamOne leading to the two additional structures BTS for Champion Transportation and speculative 282,303 sf leasing.

Largest single IND asset trade known worldwide, and spec sf totaling 3.426m sf


This noteworthy asset underwriting be Alliance has been carried out for numerous Corporate, Institutional, Sponsor and other Principals worldwide. Acquisition, occupier, restructuring and or OCC features, our Alliance teams welcome the challenge.