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How Trump’s Policies Affect the Real Estate Industry

President Donald Trump’s business acumen cannot be underplayed. It is not in vain that he is known as a real estate mogul. His proposals have spelled more boom than doom for the housing market. It is almost clear what his presidency means for the real estate and even though industry professional bear divergent views, one

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Competing with the “Big CRE-3”

Competing with the “Big CRE-3” Alliance was founded more than 25 years ago. Since then, Alliance has become a competitor of the “Big CRE-3” (CBRE, JLL and Cushman & Wakefield) and has helped many licensees to compete against these companies. For many, competing against these companies isn’t even an option, but ones that sought Alliance’s

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Negotiating Record-Breaking Large-Cap Trades: The Success of Alliance

Negotiating Record-Breaking Large-Cap Trades: The Success of Alliance After Dr. Larry Keefauver decided to learn more about the commercial real estate industry, he wrote the book “Negotiating record-breaking large-cap trades.” On deciding whom to interview he said, “I wanted to learn from some of the most successful CRE operators in America, and found a gem

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