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Using a Consolidation Strategy to Navigate through a Merger & Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are the trademarks of any company (or two companies) experiencing growth. This concept, often denoted by M&A, is often employed to improve the bottom line of business. Other players in the industry understand the importance of implementing a consolidation strategy in order to guide the parties through the potentially turbulent waters of

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Research, Development and Innovation in Real Estate

Look at the smartphone in your hand. Think about the car you drove this morning, they are nowhere near the phone or car that you used a decade or even a few years ago. Companies are known to spend billions of dollars on research and development aimed at cutting a niche above competitors and satisfying

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How Trump’s Policies Affect the Real Estate Industry

President Donald Trump’s business acumen cannot be underplayed. It is not in vain that he is known as a real estate mogul. His proposals have spelled more boom than doom for the housing market. It is almost clear what his presidency means for the real estate and even though industry professional bear divergent views, one

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