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5 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Commercial real estate is one sector in the property market that is always charting strong growth. Investors are often keen on making investments in this area because it can yield consistent returns despite the stiff competition. However, you cannot just jump into any kind of market scenario you fancy. Understanding trends and “riding the tide”

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A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investing

Real estate investments are among the most popular in any kind of investment portfolio. It is a well-known fact that property values do not go down unless there are catastrophic economic conditions. Simply put, investors can rely on their property investments to earn consistent returns. However, this does not mean property is always a safe

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5 Important Considerations for Maintaining A Brand Identity in Multi-Brand Properties

Multi-brand properties are essentially commercial properties that are collaboratively established by two or more well-known brands. They have become a prominent phenomena lately. Their prevalence is particularly visible in the higher-end luxury hospitality industry. The success of such properties and commercial ventures is predicated on being able to capitalize on the brand value and goodwill

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