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Class A, Class B, and Class C Properties Explained

Real estate assets are graded into three classes: Class A, Class B and Class C. They are aimed at aiding property investors in deciding what specific properties will fit into their overall investment strategy and goals. The letters are assigned to properties after considering a combination of factors including the following: Location of the property,

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Events that Shaped the Commercial Real Estate Industry in 2018

Major Happenings in CRE During 2018 2018 was a year of transition in the commercial real estate world and this sector is still on its current Bull Run. There are a number of factors that have contributed in shaping the commercial real estate industry in 2018. These factors are both external, like the political environment,

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Best Cities to Invest in Multifamily Buildings for Buy-and-Hold Purposes

There are a few tangible indicators that commercial real estate investors look at before a city can be termed as good for the buy and hold development strategy. They are listed as follows. Job Growth Job growth tops the list as the most pertinent factor as far as a livable city is concerned; once a

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