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ACM: Every step of the way


We assist in determining the financial services appropriate to your particular situation. We typically assist with accounts payable and payroll to ensure good funds disbursement prior to filing. We design the bank account structure and appropriate cash management products to be implemented after filing.


When you file for protection under Chapter 11, we ensure the appropriate deposit collateralization; we report account information to the U.S. trustee, as required.


We work to establish plan disbursement accounts and can assist with the distribution of funds.
After emerging from Chapter 11 with a confirmed plan, we can act as liaison to ACM’s vast investor resources to help you build a successful future

ACM Practice offers the following

Responsiveness: ACM delivers a prompt response time with qualified lenders
Coverage: ACM offices located Nationwide
A continuous source of working capital during reorganization
A verified source of funding for suppliers, thus maintaining their cooperation throughout the reorganization
A positive credit relationship with a financial institution which may be utilized as a bridge to bank financing
The ability to rapidly implement your plan for reorganization

Advantage of ACM as an asset-based Advisor

Accurate valuation and monitoring capabilities offer real-time collateral and financial information
Best suited to remain with companies through economic life-cycle
Revolving credit optimizes the availability of working capital from the borrower’s current asset base

Company Lifecycle – Lender Options


Completed Advisory Transactions Major Retailers & Manufacturers Represented:


Example Case Study:

Building Square Footage:
357,500 SF
Market Area:
Hunt Valley, MD
Ben Franklin Stores
Transaction Value:
Transaction Type:
DIP Disposition / 26 asset – Fed Court ordered