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Let Alliance Capital help put your real estate to work and uncover the value of your fixed assets currently sitting idle. Off-balance sheet sale/leaseback real estate finance vehicles can help re-deploy valuable, trapped capital in your bricks and mortar to fund mergers and acquisitions, retire debt and/or to expand your business’s competitive advantage.

While many investors benefit from the equitable rise in real estate prices, your day-to-day operations may provide a much better return on capital.  Rather than having millions of dollars tied-up in real estate that may appreciate over time without increasing book value, it may serve your organization well to divest of these assets, and to redeploy your capital using your primary business returns instead.  With the right lease agreement, you can retain long-term control of your property and have it returned to you at the end of the lease.

Why trap capital at a low rate, when the cash provided by that capital could increase your bottom-line exponentially?

Many of Alliance Capital’s clients have utilized the Net Lease Financing method to execute part of their overall strategy, via the leveraging of real estate assets, in much the same manner as they manage their inventories and receivables.

Let us help you to make the right decision for your business.  Contact Alliance to discuss your options with regard to a possible sale and leaseback of your real estate, as well as options to protect your equity going forward!