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Example Case Study: Northwestern Hospital


Chicago, IL
The Alliance Capital Global Locations: UNITED STATES

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Transaction Timing

120 days

The Healthcare Services Group provides real estate answers targeting the operational, financial, strategic and regulatory challenges faced by organizations in the healthcare and testing lab, R&D industries.

Healthcare Work Product

With the vast experience of the Healthcare Facilities Group, the R&D Facilities Group and the Testing Labs arena, Alliance works to optimize the value of these important assets to each of the specialty services groups.

The areas in which we provide our talents include:

  • Hospital campus group
  • Healthcare R&D services
  • Specialty and testing facilities group
  • Senior housing services

The Alliance Healthcare teaming groups stand poised to service and await this opportunity. Whatever your health services need, the Alliance stands ready to meet it.  Contact Alliance today to discuss your needs and allow us to find the solution that is right for your organization.